Commit 5c2bcecf authored by Kit Manners's avatar Kit Manners Committed by Imran Hussain

Fix retrieving student number

parent de4a21e5
Pipeline #330 passed with stages
in 2 minutes and 17 seconds
......@@ -52,7 +52,7 @@ if (isset($_REQUEST['signupid']) && isset($_REQUEST['signuppw'])) {
$smarty->assign("signuppw", $signuppw);
// pass on the student id if it exists
if (isset($_REQUEST['signupsid'])) {
$smarty->assign("signupsid", $signupsid);
$smarty->assign("signupsid", $_REQUEST['signupsid']);
$smarty->assign("overridable", $overridable);
$smarty->assign("usertype", $row[type]);
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