Commit 9c8e7ad0 authored by Imran Hussain's avatar Imran Hussain

Push a new version that works with the new 7 digit student numbers

parent 540ea759
Written by Imran Hussain ~imranh
Used to auth people, will check SUCS then the uni ldap, will only check
students on the uni ldap.
will return "sucs" if the username/password passed is a sucs member
will return "uni" if the user/pass passed has a student swan uni account
will return "nope" if the user/pass passed is inavlid
Example usage:
require "ldap-auth.php";
isAuthd = ldapAuth("usaername", "password");
if (isAuthd == "sucs"){
//do stuff for sucs auth
}elseif (isAuthd == "uni"){
//do stuff for uni auth
//do stuff for not authd peeps
// we don't care about warnings, we write our own
error_reporting(E_ERROR | E_PARSE);
function ldapAuth($username, $password)
if ($username != "" && $password != "") {
// people like to use emails to login so lets detect and strip
if (filter_var($username, FILTER_VALIDATE_EMAIL)) {
//valid email, lets strip
// split the email into a string array "@" as a delim
$s = explode("@", $username);
// remove the last element (domain)
// put the array back togther using "@" as a seperator
$username = implode("@", $s);
// ldap servers
$sucsLDAPServer = '';
$issLDAPServer = '';
// how to bind
$sucsBindDn = "uid=$username,ou=People,dc=sucs,dc=org";
$issBindDn = "cn=$username,ou=Students,ou=Active,ou=Resources,o=Swansea";
// Main auth
// Try and connect to silver
$ldapconnSUCS = ldap_connect($sucsLDAPServer) or die("Could not connect to SUCS LDAP server.");
if ($ldapconnSUCS) {
//echo "Connected to $sucsLDAPServer <br>";
// try and bind to sucs ldap
$ldapbindSUCS = ldap_bind($ldapconnSUCS, $sucsBindDn, $password);
if ($ldapbindSUCS) {
//echo "Auth'd as $username using SUCS LDAP<br>";
return "sucs";
// turns out they didn't give us valid sucs creds, lets try iss now
} else {
// try and connect to the iss ldap server
$ldapconnISS = ldap_connect($issLDAPServer) or die("Could not connect to uni LDAP server.");
// echo "Connected to $issLDAPServer <br>";
// lets try and bind to the uni ldap
$ldapbindiss = ldap_bind($ldapconnISS, $issBindDn, $password);
/*if (ldap_get_option($ldapconnISS, LDAP_OPT_DIAGNOSTIC_MESSAGE, $extended_error)) {
echo "Error Binding to LDAP: $extended_error";
if ($ldapbindiss) {
//echo "Auth'd as $username using uni LDAP using ou=$issUsernameOu<br>";
return "uni";
} else {
//exit("Invalid Username or Password");
return "nope";
} else {
return "nope";
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