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title: "Caleb First Post"
date: 2020-09-06T08:48:50+01:00
title: "Calebs First Post"
date: 2020-09-22T08:48:50+01:00
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Welcome to my first post :D
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Welcome to my first post :D
We developed the new SUCS blog to be an example of what we want SUCS to be, by building infrastructure that can be beneficial to everyone including non-society members. The blog serves as an example of how to implement [our styleguide](, as well as providing a relatively simple hugo theme that can be used for other static sites by SUCS or anyone else.
The blog itself also has several uses:
It is a platform that allows us to document our journey trying to adding value to SUCS as a society in a way that benefits our members, students and the wider world. We (the exec team) want to try and build a support community where people can get help with technology/programming and potentially meet new people, we mostly hang out on Discord (where you should join us)[].
It allows for anyone to create articles, guides or cheat sheets on pretty much anything and have an audience of like-minded people to share and discuss with.
In the future we will add support for symposium style discourse, ie the ability to reply to an article, we can have bi-monthly topics that anyone can write an opinion piece on, and others can reply, encouraging more in-depth, well though out discussion.
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