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# A SUCS Blog
This blog is designed to be a flat structured site where anyone can write articles on pretty much anything, with a focus on tech and FOSS.
You can find the theme used [here](
## How does this work?
The site is written in Hugo, a static site generator, it's designed to be served without needing a webserver/backend
## Status
You can check out the latest testing version of the blog at
CI is currently broken due to some SSH isues, the site will also become available at once it's ready.
## Feature list
- [X] View posts and tags
- [ ] View authors / have a bio for authors
- [ ] Show latest posts, most popular tags and about section on home page
- [ ] Symposiums - show posts in reply to other posts, current theme etc
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author: Caleb Connolly
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This blog is designed to be a flat structured site where anyone can write articles on pretty much anything, with a focus on tech and FOSS.
You can find the theme used [here]( and the source for the site [here](
Please check out the [/new-authors](/new-authors) guide for instructions on posting to the blog!
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title: "Contributing to the blog"
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- Caleb Connolly
How to become an author and contribute your articles
## Dependencies
You will need git and hugo to contribute, install git using your distributions package manager, windows users go [here](
# Ubuntu
sudo apt install git
# Arch
sudo pacman -S git
For hugo, check out
## Getting the source
Clone the source for the blog
# The theme is installed as a submodule hence recurse-submodules is needed
git clone --recurse-submodules
## Add your bio
Create your author and article page, the best way to do that is to copy an existing author and modify
# Replace firstname/lastname with your name
cp -r content/authors/caleb-connolly content/authors/firstname-lastname
Edit content/authors/firstname-lastname/, write a short bio and fill in your handles
## Getting your change submitted
Checkout a new branch
git checkout -b add-my-page
Commit your changes
# git status will show you which files changed, make sure you didn't modify any others!
git status
git add * # Will 'stage' your changed to be commited
git commit -m "new-author: Add Bob Bobson as an author"
### SUCS members
Push your changes to your own fork of the blog, fortunately you can simply push to a non-existent repo and gitlab will create it for you!
# change YOUR_USER to be your sucs username
git remote add me
git push --set-upstream me add-my-page
This tells git to push your new branch up to a new repo under your user in gitlab, you can now visit and use the banner at the top to create a merge request.
### Non-members
As only SUCS members have access to our gitlab, non members will need to email in a patch that we can apply for you.
# Generate a patch, outputted to the patches folder
git format-patch HEAD~1 -o patches
Send en email to with the patch as an attachment, someone will review it and apply it for you.
Alternatively you can also use `git send-email`, see this guide for a how-to:
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