Commit 82073b2b authored by Imran Hussain's avatar Imran Hussain
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Make sure details are set in every instance

parent d8602d88
......@@ -69,10 +69,12 @@ if ( isset($_POST["username"]) && isset($_POST["password"]) && !$RATELIMITED ) {
//do stuff for sucs auth
$DB_CON->exec("UPDATE sessions SET sucs_username='${username}' WHERE id='${SESSIONID}'");
$SUCS_LOGIN = true;
$details["sucs_username"] = $username;
} elseif ($isAuthd == "uni"){
//do stuff for uni auth
$DB_CON->exec("UPDATE sessions SET iss_username='${username}' WHERE id='${SESSIONID}'");
$ISS_LOGIN = true;
$details["iss_username"] = $username;
//do stuff for not authd peeps
$details["failedlogincount"] = $details["failedlogincount"] + 1;
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