Commit 08b447be authored by Imran Hussain's avatar Imran Hussain
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Delete function now complete! (feature parity of php scripts)

parent bdcdca45
......@@ -227,7 +227,17 @@ def deleteUser(peopleList):['sudo', '/usr/lib/mailman/bin/remove_members', "users", userDBinfo[0][3]]) #main email['sudo', '/usr/lib/mailman/bin/remove_members', "users", userDBinfo[0][6]+""]) # iss email
#time to delete them from the db :(
cur = DBconn.cursor()
#delete from doorcards first
cur.execute("DELETE FROM doorcards WHERE uid=%(uid)s",{"uid" : userDBinfo[0][0]})
#delete from members table
cur.execute("DELETE FROM members WHERE username=%(user)s",{"user" : person[0]})
#add their some details to the oldmembers table
cur.execute("INSERT into oldmembers (username,realname) VALUES (%(user)s,%(realname)s)",{"user" : username,"realname" : userDBinfo[0][2]})
def reminderMenu():
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