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    Started the reorganisation of this project so that it is easier to work with in future. · 79b36f91
    Robert Scott James authored
    Changes to be committed:modified:.gitignore
      new file:CMakeLists.txt
      new file:README.md
      new file:src / Makefile
      renamed:basicSolver.cpp->src / basicSolver.cpp
      renamed:configReader.cpp->src / configReader.cpp
      renamed:configReader.h->src / configReader.h
      renamed:dungeon.cpp->src / dungeon.cpp
      renamed:entity.cpp->src / entity.cpp
      renamed:entity.h->src / entity.h
      renamed:main.cpp->src / main.cpp
      renamed:rectangle.cpp->src / rectangle.cpp
      renamed:space.cpp->src / space.cpp
      renamed:space.h->src / space.h renamed:types.h->src / types.h
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