Commit feafd46c authored by Imran Hussain's avatar Imran Hussain
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Move the sucsunreadmail script to the plugins folder from my home dir

parent 148b8dce
......@@ -227,7 +227,7 @@ private $datahash=''; // hash of data field
// a sure-fire way to check to see if the user has any unread email
// the bash script returns 0 for no and 1 for yes, takes one arg, username
$this->email = shell_exec("/home/member/imranh/bin/sucsunreadmail $user");
$this->email = shell_exec("../plugins/sucsunreadmail $user");
if (file_exists($info['homedirectory'][0]."/.forward")) {
$forward = file($info['homedirectory'][0]."/.forward");
if finger -m $1 | grep "New mail" &> /dev/null
echo "1"
echo "0"
\ No newline at end of file
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