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Welcome to the Milliways III bug tracker and wiki.

Milliways III is the current incarnation of the Swansea University Computer Society's BBS and talker. It is planned to be superseded by Milliways IV, codenamed Marvin, but since Marvin is still in the pre-alpha stage, Milliways III is still being used and in active development.

The code can be checked out from the Subversion repository at (password needed to commit changes). If you're not a coder, feel free to try out the latest build of Milliways III on SUCS and report any bugs you find by clicking on New Ticket. The build installed on Silver and actually used is usually a fairly recent one, so bugs there have a good chance of not yet having been fixed.


The following branches currently exist. The branch maintainers should describe the current status of their branches in branch-specific pages linked below

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