Commit 657d2b85 authored by Robert Scott James's avatar Robert Scott James
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Added ckeditor stable as a submodule to htdocs/js/ckeditor

Added a gitignore so that the files generated by the setup script don't
get added to the repo in future.
Also included the the cached template folder 'template_c' so that
doesn't get included either

 Changes to be committed:
	new file:   .gitignore
	new file:   .gitmodules
	new file:   htdocs/js/ckeditor
parent 148b8dce
# Some of the files that are generated by the setup script don't want to be version controlled.
# To that end I have added this .gitignore file to ignore the following files and folders
# This is the generated .htaccess
# Generated settings.php file
# Compiled templates_c
[submodule "htdocs/js/ckeditor"]
path = htdocs/js/ckeditor
url = git://
Subproject commit a93cb51eb1fc85a13892706dd61eccfd4c999947
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