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2008-01-29 - Version 0.3 "Logged Out"

Sessions now last a lot longer and are more secure to boot (chckens)
Library admin component allows adding books (chckens, eventually)
Bananas component shelved in favour of Members component for most things (chckens)

Don't list societies with no website in the societies website list (chckens)
Pastebin now redirects to url of pasted item to prevent confusion (chckens)
News article summary can now deal with new lines in the first paragraph (chckens)

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2007-10-28 - Version 0.2 "Oktoberfest"

Options component now allows users to change their hackergotchi (aeternus)
Pastebin now lets you view a plaintext version of pastes (aeternus)
Simple password security checks added to hopefully prevent weak passwords (chckens)
Members page now displays this academic year's banana leaderboard (chckens)

2007-09-25 - Version 0.1 "Ferocious Freshers"
First actual version with a number, below are some recent changes:

New member options component!
- MAC registration, contact details editing (aeternus)
- Password changing (chckens)
- Groups display, hackergotchi display (dez)

Beginnings of generic error handling support (chckens)

Improved usability of ShortURI interface (patch from davea)
Layout tweaks to defend against long titles (dez)
Fix calculation for banana summaries on Member pages (chckens)