Commit 21cfb0e5 authored by Laurence Sebastian Bowes's avatar Laurence Sebastian Bowes

Added some basic playbooks for silver

parent 293d3725
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- hosts: silvers
user: root
- name: Install the software silver needs
apt: upgrade=full
  • should probably put that in it's own task, easier for debugging, trust me :)

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include: silversoftware.yml
- name: Install the software for silver
apt: name={{ item }} state=present
- apache2
- slapd
- ejabberd
- vsftpd
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- git
- subversion
- vim
- cowsay
- sl
- postgresql
- libapache2-mod-php5
- squid3
- exim4
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  • Don't forget about things like roundcube, smarty, php extensions etc...

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