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Milliways III

Copyright (c) 1992-2006 Justin Mitchell <>
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    Justin "Arthur Dent" Mitchell (Alpha Spod)
    Alan "anarchy" Cox (Linux/Internet patches, command parser)
    Chris "Fry" Fry (many features including MUD rooms)
    Finn "finnw" Wilcox (I/O multiplexing, hash tables)
    Steve "FireFury" Hill (debugging wrappers)
    Chris "cmckenna" McKenna (MUD rooms, gags)
    Denis "Dez" Walker (manpage style help, testing)
    Peter "pwb" Berry (UTF-8 compatibility, rpm maintenance)
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Thanks also to:
    Jonathan "Arashi" Care (ideas)
    Telsa "hobbit" Gwynne (spelling)
    Robert "Tnarg" Grant (scripts)
    Sitsofe "Sits" Wheeler (help, advice, debugging)

This program is licensed under the GNU General Public License; see the file
COPYING for more details.